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Beam CCD Camera Testing

LD-PD Inc has a beam CCD Camera Monitoring test setup system and we have UV-NIR-MIR Camera ...

Laser Beam Profilers ability...

LD-PD's beam profiler (beam analyzer, mode profiler) is a diagnostic device for laser beam ...

High Precision Wavelength St...

LD-PD Inc has a Wavelength drift test setup system and we have Bristol 771A-MIR which opera...


LD-PD INC Established in 2012, we have become one of the leading sources in providing low cost Photo detector, laser diode and some related driving products. Our well educated research and development team is committed in search of answers to most frequently asked questions in today's complex technology...

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MIR-QCL TDLAS gas monitoring technology solutions , Components for pump based EDFA solutions, Raman distributed temperature sensing, OCT components solutions, Fiber Optic GYRO components solutions, NIR-TDLAS GAS monitoring technology solutions.Optical Spectrum Analyzer Product Line Into the Mid-IR

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