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Established in 2004, Ld-PD has become one of the leading providers in photodetectors, laser diodes and some related driven products. Our R&D team are well-educated, well-trained and dedicated to solving the most common problems in today's optoelectronic technology. We adopt the most innovative fiber optic products and various high-end instruments to develop products that better meet market needs. Our core competiveness is our high power, high reliable laser diodes. What's more, LD-PD has been a manufacturer of Si detector and high speed Germanium transistors and diodes since 2008 and a manufacturer of infrared photodetectors since 2010. We offer SI,Ge, p-n, APD and InGaAs p-i-n high speed and large area photodetectors for radiation detection and telecommunication applications. LD-PD boasts an inspection system in accordance with MIL-I-45208. Photodiodes are subjected to Telcordia testing requirements (TA-NWT-00093) and MIL-STD-883 test methods.

These lasers 


LD-PD INC provides laser diode epitaxy over a wide wavelength range in GaAs and InP based materials. We are a III-V base semiconductor processing lab Wavelengths:



We are also able to customize the epitaxy for any other specific wavelength required.


In the process of innovation, LD-PD'S laser engineers have amassed a high level of technical expertise and created an array of tools to meet customers’ requirements in laser chips. Our design engineers utilize state-of-the-art physical laser modeling software and waveguide design tools to ensure the function of the laser chips is fully considered. Our Diode Laser products include multimode single emitters and multi-emitter fiber coupled modules, single mode laser diodes, laser diode bars and stacks, and VCSELS, SLD. And We also offer a wide selection of UV laser diodes, blue laser diodes, red laser diodes, and IR laser diodes. The output power ranges from mWs on the single mode laser diodes, to watts in the multimode single emitters and VCSELS. We are really your best partner in laser diodes and Photodiodes.

Wafer automatically test platform:

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  • Advanced Test Ability

    LD-PD INC's Testing Ability

    LD-PD INC Company owns one advanced photonics labs in shanghai China. We have the ability finish the performance testing in 24 hours. The specs including below items:

    1.Optical Power and power stability testing

    We have power meters from Thorlabs and Ophir for our Laser diode’s optical power and power stability Testing.We can guarantee every diode manufacture by LD-PD Inc with the right output optical power and Good power stability.Figure 1 is the buiding up systems for output power value testing and the output power stability testing.


    Figure 2


    2.Beam quality Profiling(2D/3D)

    In Our advanced we can have the ability measuring the 2D/3D Beam Quality. We now have the CCD Camera which can Analysis lase the wavelength from 350-1550nm.And we also have Slit beam quality analyzer and this one we can Analysis the laser/s wavelength from 1310nm-2800nm.The below figure 2 is our Slit beam quality analyzer building up system.


    Figure 2

    3.High precision wavelength test and wavelength stability test

    We have Bristol 771A-MIR Wavelength meter which can help us Analysis the wavelength from 1um-14um’s laser. We have all our diodes select for Gas monitoring systems and CPT application. And any application customer who need high precision wavelength Laser diode we will help select for our customer. Our customer need not be worried about the central wavelength you purchase from us. 


    Figure 3

    4.Optical spectrum test

    LD-PD INC has the OSA from Japan Anritsu and YOKOGAWA.We have spectrum for the laser diode from 600-2700nm.And any diodes from LD-PD INC Will get the test report for it.We have the high wavelength resolution and we can get the spectrum width and SNR value etc for your diodes.

    5. Fiber connector endcap test

    Finally we will have our Fiber optic connector test. Please Clean your fiber optic connector before it Connect with your optical systems. And when you.

    Clean Connector                                                            Dirty Connector