DFB/Fabry Perot QCLS

We offer 4.55 µm CWL, 250 mW Fabry-Perot and 4 - 5 µm CWL, 40 mW distributed-feedback (DFB) lasers from stock. Additionally, custom Fabry-Perot and DFB lasers at CWLs from 3 to 12 µm (refer to the graph below) are available. In general, Fabry-Perot lasers offer higher power and broadband emission, while DFB lasers provide single-wavelength emission that can be tuned over a 1 to 5 cm-1 range, depending upon the chip. MIR Fabry-Perot lasers that emit at a center wavelength of 4.55 µm with a minimum optical output power of 250 mW are available from stock. They exhibit broadband emission in a range spanning roughly 50 cm-1. The laser's specified output power is the sum over the full spectral bandwidth. Because these lasers have broadband emission, they are well suited for medical imaging, illumination, and microscopy applications. The optical output is vertically polarized.

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