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New Family of Polarization Analyzers

The external consoles of these "Full Polarimeters" contain all electronic hardware required for data acquisition, signal processing, and communications, eliminating the need to install PC-based expansion cards. Within the console lies expandable bus architecture, allowing for future system upgrade "add-ons" such as PMD and PDL measurement electronics. Further expansion capabilities include plug-and-play communication cards that allow the system to adapt to new standards such as USB and I2C. By utilizing these high-device-count standards, one PC is capable of operating multiple polarimeters.

Both input channels are compatible with Thorlabs' selection of more then 20 power sensors including photodiode sensors, thermopile sensors and integrating spheres. Additionally the benchtop power meter also provides for inputs from any standard photodiode sensors (I<10mA) allowing the flexibility of power measurements with any calibrated photodiode making it ideal for measurements in different wavelengths such as Mid-IR.