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Optical Spectrum Analyse


World lead Optic Spectrum analyse From NIR to MIR

Singapore, Shanghai—Oct 19th, 2020—ld-pd is pleased to introduce an Optical Spectrum Analyzer optimized for the MIR-IR region from 1.0 to 5.6 µm (10000 to 1786 cm-1). AQ6377 provides quick, extremely accurate measurements of unknown spectra. By adding MS9740 from ANRISH And AQ6370 from YOGOKAWA We can measure our DFB /FP/SLD /VCSEL optical spectrum with ±1 ppm accuracy from 600-1750nm and can test SNR as high as 70dB,wide dynamic range Value.We Guarantee every diode from LD-PD INC will have strict OSA Analyse including SMSR and Central wavelength and FWHM value.